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PerfParse facilitates the storage and analysis of binary performance data produced by Nagios and produces high-quality accurate graphs of live data from standard Nagios plugins. A permanent history of plugin results can then be viewed with advanced analysis tools.

This project is an Add-On for Nagios®. Many thanks to Ethan Galstad.

Ben Clewett © 2004 - 2005.
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  Ben Clewett   Creator - Coding
  Garry W. Cook   Web Site - Images - Docs
  Yves Mettier   Coding
  Flo Gleixner   Coding
  Tim Wuyts   Coding
  Friedrich Priewasser   Coding
Version 0.105.5
	Fix for Makefile.am in db_tools/ and cgi/. (YM)

Version 0.105.4
        Fix of some accounting bugs in the new raw sumamry report. (BC)

Version 0.105.3
        Correction of a MySQL definition effecting stored graphs. These now don't core dump. (BC)
        Bug fixed when running configure to compile PP with postgresql support (YM)
        Buffer overflow bug in raw report fixed. (BC)
        Addition of raw summary report. (BC)
        Makefile error in scripts. (BC/FG)

Version 0.105.2
        Database tools display DBMS connection error correctly. (BC)
        Fix to makefiles to fix spelling and use of pg_config file. (BC/YM)

Version 0.105.1
        Implementation of Friedrich Priewasser's PostgreSQL conversion.

Version 0.104.9
	Addition of raw summary tables (TW)
	Minor mistake in db version in a user message in check_perfparse_version (YM)
	Fixed 2 bugs on the pipe of perfparsed (noticed by Thomas Eriksson and TW) (YM and TW)

Version 0.104.8
	Fixes and compilation changes missed from 0.107.7 (YM)
	Another attempt at fix on perfgraph.c to stop cgi 

Version 0.104.7
	New gnuplot storage module. (YM)
	Compilation bug fix on solaris plateforms (LC_NUMERIC) (YM)
	Fix to CGI variable bug causing some compilations to crash. (BC)
	Bug fix for all perfparse-log2* that read from a socket to perfparsed (YM)
	Addition of Nagios plugin: check_perfparse_verstion. (BC)
	Fix for CGI code where HTTP server sends environment variables as parameter to code. (BC)
	Other fix to CGI variable interigation code which may cause failure on some systems. (BC)
	Dropping of perfparse_deamon.sh script.

Version 0.104.6
        Floating point numbers locale safe. (Version error, setting to 0.00) (BC)
        Ability to define binary summary data. (BC)
        Collection of the binary summary data. (BC)
        Addition and use of the 'user' object for storing user details. (BC)
        Addition of filters and auto-refresh on the raw data report. (BC)
        Change to default Storage_Modules_Status_File to "storage_modules.status" (YM)
        Fix to mark file location storage.  (YM)
        nagios.lock defintion moved from perfparse.cfg to perfparse.sh (BC/YM)

Version 0.104.5
        Major bug fixed in periodic cleanup procedure (bug due to too early release by mistake) (YM)
        New storage module status file for watchdogs for modules and perfparsed (YM)
        New unique integer fields on the hosts, services and metrics. (BC)
        Slight change to the dbms interface. (BC)
        Drop of the unused summary tables, to be replaced at later version by correct formats. (BC)
        Show the number of log lines in reports, with a warning. (BC)
        Improve conversion so that users know error has occured. (BC)
        Added no_transaction flag to purge code. (BC)

Version 0.104.4
        New periodic cleanup procedures : remove/compress log files (error log, drop files) (YM)
        New storage module function for periodic cleanup procedures (YM)
        Storage module file_output removes/compress its log files (YM)
        Fix on graph title display. (BC)
        Renamed perfparse-log2db to perfparse-log2mysql in perfparse.sh
        Addition to perfparse.cgi of special CGI variables: 'show_config=1' and 'version=1'
          which mirror command program functions.  Eg, perfparse.cgi?show_config=1 (BC)
        New '--no_transactons' flag to dissable database transaction model.  Used with
          perfparse-log2mysql. (BC)
        Added Refresh Time flag to graphs so that stored graphs refresh. (BC)

Version 0.104.3
   Removed all occurences of perfgraph.cgi. Now is perfparse.cgi (YM)
   Log buffer is 1024 chars instead of 256 (YM)
   Output message in the log when perfparse* successfully loads a module (YM)
   Output message in the log when perfparsed exits (YM)
   Fixed a bug on initialization of file_output storage module (YM)

Version 0.104.2
        Bug fixed with fifo reading and select never sleeping in log_reader.c (Tim Wuyts )
        German translation (Carsten Franke )
        Compilation bug fixed : LC_ALL undefined (YM)
        Compilation bug fixed : removed sProgName where unnecessary (BC)
        Changed email addresses to *@perfparse.org (BC)

Version 0.104.1
        Use of dlopen() to load storage modules at execution time (YM)
        Removed perfparse-log2*. Now use perfparse-log2any with new option --storage_modules_load (YM)
        Internationalization of perfparse (YM)
        OpenBSD support beginning (BC, YM and Julien Touche)
        Fixed a problem with FIFO (YM, thanks to Tim who noticed it)

Version 0.103.2
        Compilation bug, problems with libXpm.so fixed. (YM)
        printf format for BSD fixed. (BC)
        Fixed bug in perfparse-db-tools --reset-host-delete-policy to correctly accept a host name. (BC)
        Amended same option to accept LIKE format so that 'host%' format can be passed for multiple hosts. (BC)
        Amended same option so that policy value is set to template value so that CGI displays better. (BC)
        Fixed compilation bugs where variables used before all variables defined. (BC)
        Amended GCI Host Delete Policy to allow faster editing. (BC)

Version 0.103.1
	New command "history" in the perfparsed server (YM)
	New log source : ">host:port" for perfparse-log2* (YM)

Version 0.102.2
	Fix for compilation bug on Solaris

Version 0.102.1
	Log_writer becomes a module called storage_file_output (YM)
	New module storage_socket_output (YM)
	New binary perfparsed (YM)
		-> reads continuously from the selected input for perfdata
		-> use storage modules to store/send parsed data continuously
		-> implements a TCP/IP server where you can write perf data
		-> new options in configure script : --enable-module-*
	New binaries perfparse-log2socket and perfparse-log2file (YM)
	Fixed a bug about warn/crit ranges in mysql storage module (YM)
	Updated the install guide.

Version 0.101.1
	New configuration model (YM)
	Perfparse was rewritten from scratch and is now called perfparse-log2db (YM)
		-> new log file with optionnally daily rotation
		-> new raw output of scanned lines into a file (optionnal daily rotation)
		-> drop file has optionnal rotation
		-> Position in servicelog file is now stored in a local file
		-> --delete* options obsolete and unsupported.
		-> -n option obsolete and unsupported
		-> new architecture more modular (log_reader, log_writer, log_parser, storage)
		-> log_parser can be extracted to become an external library (maybe in the future?)
		-> new concept of storage modules
		-> storage_module_print disabled per default is a basic module for hackers
		-> storage_module_mysql (BC)
	Libperfparse splitted into libpp_common (log and config) and libpp_mysql (mysql stuff) (YM)
	New install guide in docbook format. Read doc/install_guide.readme for more info.

Version 0.100.7
	Fixed bug in deletion policies.  Some pages crashing. (BC)
	Additional select host to delete option. (BC)
	Fix to missing field. (BC)
	New database version from Registry (BC)
	Added function to edit saved graphs. (BC)
	Improved code to display saved graphs. (BC)
Version 0.100.6
	Compalation problems, too many warnings.  Variables overlap in cgi code.

Version 0.100.5
	Fix bug in raw report, summary only reports valid data. (BC)
	Adjust raw report to accept arbetary date range. (BC)
	Change CGI model to make variables local to module. (BC)

Version 0.100.4
	Removal of stats from graph, model does not work. (BC)
	Print error message if cannot open PP lock file. (BC)

Version 0.100.3
	Fig in raw report accounting, correct time shown. (BC)
	Link to gaussian documentation (BC)
	Fix to graph to make fully multi-user (BC)
	Fix to allow to work through a proxy server (BC)

Version 0.100.2
	Fig of bug posted by Flo Gleixner (BC)
	Addition of patch to perfparse_deamin.sh (YM)

Version 0.100.1
	Addition of a timestamp in the perfparse report. (BC)
	Statistics calculated by chart, therefore considerably faster. (BC)
	Average now corrected for time zone (BC)
	Gaussian Average to replace exisiting smooth line (BC)
	Option to select lines drawn on graph (BC)
	Option to save graph and view in separate report. (BC)
	Storage of the last recorded Max and Min values. (BC)
	Addition of 'isNull()' to dbms code. (BC)
	Allow scale of graph using max/min value. (BC)
	Add meta header to stop chart caching. (BC)
	Work on scale so that 0.00% and 100.00% values not lost in border. (BC)
	Graph title added. (BC)
	More options for graph scaling. (BC)

Version 0.99.09
	Bug in parsing warn,crit,max,min values fixed.  They were parsing in wrong order. (BC)
	Bug in cgi_raw_report, code before final declaration fixed. (BC / NK)
	Open the dbms in perfparse.c before lock file.  If dbms fails, no bad lock file created. (BC)
	esc() is now sql_escape() (YM)
	Added an additional test on the validity of the data parsed (YM)
	Bug fixed in configure.ac and option to compile only the cgi or perfparse was added (YM)
	Bug fixed in perfparse.c: adding a new host would break perfgraph.cgi (YM)
	Added check_perfparse.sh as a plugin for nagios (YM)

Version 0.99.08
        New fields in database. Need db update (YM)
        Some parameters from the remote perfparse are now set in the database (YM)
        Minor bugs fixed (YM)
        hostperf.log also removed if wanted (YM)
        New option to show/hide the administration menu sections (YM)

Version 0.99.07
	Fixed configuration message error. (BC)
	Fixed minor error in perfgant (BC)

Version 0.99.06
	Fixed bug.  Where no performance data, no parse. (BC)

Version 0.99.05
        Reorganization of the source tree (YM)
        Fixed a bug about perfgant with esc_cgi; renamed esc_cgi as url_encode,
	 and improved url_encode (YM)
        Fixed a major bug when parsing lines: lines after a syntaxly incorrect
	 line are not dropped any more (YM)
        $SERVICESTATE$ is now parsed and inserted into the database (YM) 

Version 0.99.04
        New Gant chart in Raw Hitory. (BC)
        Fixed bug in Raw History, no longer crashes when select just report. (BC)
        Fixed bug in del_policy.c, code in wrong order on two lines. (BC)
        Fixed a compilation problem about unnamed union/struct in perfparse.c (YM)

Version 0.99.03
        Bug in perfparse-purge-db fixed (YM)
        perfparse-purge-db renamed as perfparse-db-purge, and perfparse-install-db
	 renamed as perfparse-db-tool (YM)
        Minor bugfix in CGI (BC)
        perfparse-db-tool can reset to <Host> the policy of all data of a host (YM)
        Documentation updates (GWC)

Version 0.99.02
        Compilation problem fixed (YM)
        Major bug fix on Solaris platforms (YM)
        Speed improvement in perfparse (YM)
        Minor other fixes and code cleanup (YM and BC)
        Labels with quotes from nagios correctly handled (YM)

Version 0.99.01
        Split up CGI code. (BC)
        New deletion policy (BC: database and cgi coding; YM: conversion procedure and core coding)
        Bug in 'scgi()' fixed. (BC)
        Split DBMS API into dbms.c and dbms.h, inc new functions. (BC)
        Additional availability report through 'Raw Report' -> 'History' (BC)
        Addition of 'state' field to raw data table for future use. (BC)

Version 0.0.11
	Code cleanup (YM)
	Code of perfparse split into perfparse, perfparse-install-db and perfparse-purge-db (YM)
	New libperfparse.so (YM)
	perfparse_daemon.sh in contrib/ (YM)
	Database version (0.10) now distinct from perfparse package version (0.0.11)
	Use glib2 instead of glib-1.2
	Fix of bug, using without --delete option would re-import data. (BC)
Version 0.10
	Code cleanup (YM)
	Rewriting of code that delete the serviceperf.log (YM)
	Addition of new option to select Metric fast. (BC)
	Addition and use of glib (YM)
	Better working of perfparse.cfg (YM)
	Caching of host/service/metric checking to speed perfparse. (BC)

Version 0.09
	Code cleanup (YM)
	New option for configure: --enable-display-parsing-rate
        Web site redesign (GWC)

Version 0.08
	Code cleanup (YM)
	Autoconf/automake scripts (YM)
	Command line options changes (YM)

Version 0.07

	Change of spelling in CGI variable.  'hyterogram' -> 'histogram'
	Addition of HOWTO (GWC)

Version 0.06	2004-06-02 Ben Clewett.

	New logos contributed (GWC)
	Intoduction menu with logo.
	Option to not log the raw data.
	Slight recode of perfparse to increase performance.
	Clearer Makefile for users to edit.
	Option in perfparse to define a deletion policy for old data.
	Auto-database update for new versions.
	Fix of bug in create table script.

Version 0.05

	Select alternate metric from perfgraph using SELECT box.
	Summary and max calculation for relative histogram now correct.
	Graph of less than one hour now does not crash system.
	Added minute labels for very short scale graphs.
	Better grid lines as low time scale.
	Max value respected by average plots.
	Using a configuration file for database options, dropped from CGI.
	Annoying memory problem solved, now more robust.
	Small error with CGI variable names solved.
        PerfParse Logo created (GWC)

Version 0.04	2004-05-20 Ben Clewett

	Bug in time display.
	Scale now correctly draws for a Relative Histogram.
	Time average shows standard deviation.
	Average plot made more accurate by tiding some maths.

Version 0.03	2004-05-13 Ben Clewett.

	Addition of Daily Average.
	Complete rewrite of scaling of graph - now works.
	Addition of relative as well as absolute times.
	Ability to take the URL and safelly put into own web page.

Version 0.02	2004-05-07 Ben Clewett.

	Production of Graph generator and CGI handler.

Inception:	2004-04-19 Ben Clewett.

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