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PerfParse facilitates the storage and analysis of binary performance data produced by Nagios and produces high-quality accurate graphs of live data from standard Nagios plugins. A permanent history of plugin results can then be viewed with advanced analysis tools.

This project is an Add-On for Nagios®. Many thanks to Ethan Galstad.

Ben Clewett © 2004 - 2005.
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20040820 - Version 0.99.09 released

Several Bug fixes, including parsing of warn, crit, min, and max in wrong order, which caused red/yellow threshold lines to disappear from some graphs.
Please see ChangeLog for further details.

20040729 - Version 0.99.08 released

Changes have been made to options passed to perfparse. '--delete' have been deprecated in favor of '--delete-service-log' and '--delete-host-log'. This gives users the ability to also truncate the hostperf.log on exit. The '-l' option to give perfparse the location of the log file has also been deprecated and replaced with '--host-log' and '--serviceperf-log'. These new options may be passed directly to PerfParse or assigned in the configuration file.

New options added to show/hide the Admin menu, or make it Read Only.

20040726 - Version 0.99.07 released

More bugs squashed. Also, in versions prior to 0.99.06, the nagios service states (OK, WARN, CRITICAL, UNKNOWN) are guessed by looking for these words in the Nagios plugin raw output. From this version onwards, the actual state is stored, whether the output shows these words or not. This is used only in the Raw reports and may result in minor differences when showing data before and after this upgrade.

20040723 - Version 0.99.05 released

Important bug fixed, data may be lost if you are using version 0.99.01 to 0.99.04.

The Nagios States (OK, WARNING, CRITICAL, UNKNOWN) were not imported prior to this version. They are now successfully parsed, stored and used on all Raw Reports, including the new Gant chart.

This will require an edit to nagios.cfg, changing the line 'xpdfile_service_perfdata_template...' to:

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